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Roujiamo – The Chinese Burger

The Chinese Hamburger; also known as Roujiamo is one of the traditional specialty foods in Shaanxi Province, China

Roujiamos are a wonderful combination of two kinds of food: Pork Belly Meat/Bacon Meat, and Shaanxi Bread Buns. The meat sandwiches are combined with Shaanxi meat wax which is mutually reinforcing and will bring their taste to the extreme. The Shaanxi Bread Buns are crispy yet chewy; the meat is fat but not greasy with an endless aftertaste. The only secret of Roujiamo we’ve known so far:

The bacon meat is carefully braised and cooked with more than 30 kinds of natural herbs and seasonings.

Interestingly, authentic Roujiamo looks simple, but it’s complicated to make at home. The herbs and seasonings are the keys to make Roujiamo marinating sauce. Therefore, some Roujiamo restaurants even keep their soup stock base for years to bring out the perfect balance of umami taste.

Xi'an Islamic Street     Roujiamo

How to tell if a Roujiamo is authentic?

  1. The meat should be juicy and soft, and the meat will melt in your mouth.
  2. Good Roujiamo’s meat is rosy pink and has a unique herbal fragrant.
  3. The Bread Bun is crunchy and Chewy.
  4. The right balance of Umami and robust flavor, it should wow you immediately at first bite.
  5. Hand-cut meat, serve hot.

At Fresh International Market, We have a variety of seasonings imported weekly from all over the world for food enthusiasts to make the most authentic food. Feel free to ask or enjoy the dishes right in our food courts. Bon appétit! 밥 맛보기!おまけ! Buen provecho!好胃口!Приятного !Smak Bon!बॉन भूख!

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